2024 is already almost a whole month old, but for us – Erik and Tristan, the founders of JoyBräu – it still feels pretty new and pretty good. We've spent the past few months working towards a future for our brand and the dream of a more innovative beer world.

A quick look back: Since 2016, we've been pursuing this dream, started with our first products in 2018, won awards worldwide, and by the end of 2022, we proudly looked back on almost 6 million products sold. However, in the summer of 2023, we stumbled and had to reluctantly file for bankruptcy. But hey, we are athletes, and our beer gives strength. For us, that could only mean one thing: Get up, drink a few JoyBräu, and embark on the journey to a successful future. And the first stage is completed.

Since January 2024, JoyBräu belongs to OeTTINGER, one of the largest German beverage manufacturers and one of the top 25 breweries globally. And as Stefan Blaschak, the CEO of OeTTINGER, puts it, "Our company strengthens its innovation power with this strategic acquisition. On the one hand, we continue the protein beer brand JoyBräu. On the other hand, we take their spirit, agility, and willingness to experiment to the next level: We integrate the patented process technology into the product pipeline of our new innovation brand 'Oe'."

What does this mean for you, the customers and fans of JoyBräu? We are working together with OeTTINGER at full throttle to soon deliver our popular and proven products in the usual quality. And surely, there will be some new ideas from us in the future.

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2024. It's really nice that you're here. Let the well-beering continue!

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