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  • World's first non-alcoholic sports beers
  • Made with real german beer
  • Vegan & 100% natural
  • 12 x 0.33l
  • 24 x 0.33l

Missed us? We missed you too!

Our journey with JoyBräu continues, and our story is far from over. You can find the latest updates on our story here

Our bestseller is finally back! With improved recipe and refreshing & natural grapefruit, the perfect post-workout drink comes easily to your home. And the best: 21g of bundled protein power actively support your muscle building and maintenance.

- 21g protein, including 10g BCAA
- refreshing grapefruit flavor
- non-alcoholic & vegan

Ingredients: Non-alcoholic beer (water, barley malt, hop extract, hops), amino acid preparation (water, BCAA (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) L-alanine, L-carnitine), multi-fruit base (fructose syrup, lemon juice concentrate, water, lemon extract, pink grapefruit juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, acerola juice concentrate, natural grapefruit flavor, orange juice concentrate, orange extract, stabilizer locust bean gum, color beta-carotene)

Nutritional values per can: energy 149 kcal, fat 0g, carbohydrates 16,2g, thereof sugar 7,9g, protein 21g

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All natural, all good. 

Unterstützt dein Ziel:

Innovation for your performance

Bereit für dein Well-Beering?


We offer non-alcoholic sports beer for every situation: As a refreshing immune booster with vitamins, as a high protein post-workout drink with protein or as your wake-up kick with natural caffeine. Get your JoyBräu at home and experience always refreshing & 100% natural beer enjoyment!


We don't put sugar, unpronounceable sweeteners or artificial additives in the can. Because - if you ask us - they have no place in a proper sports drink. Our proteins are obtained from the yellow pea, are easily digestible and suitable for a variety of diets. 


Click, fizz, cheers - the sound that an ice-cold can makes when it is opened is understood worldwide even without words. Refreshment is coming! So save pills, shakers and powder, because we deliver your protein-rich refreshment "ready-to-drink" from the fridge. Simply open & enjoy!


We love beer and we love sports. And it's this passion that we've canned to share with you. Enjoy unique sports beer without compromising on taste. Our 5 varieties offer the right drink for every occasion and taste: from sweet to tart, hoppy to malty or fruity to beery - which one is your favorite?

Bereit für dein Well-Beering?

Voll funktional. 

Bei uns gibts alkoholfreies Sportbier für jede Lebenslage: Als erfrischender Immun-Booster mit Vitaminen, als leichtes Post-Workout-Getränk mit Protein oder als dein Wach-Kick mit natürlichem Koffein. Hol dir dein Functional Bundle nach Hause und erlebe stets erfrischenden & 100% natürlichen Biergenuss!

Voll natürlich.

Klick, Zisch, Prost - Das Geräusch, das eine eisgekühlte Dose beim Öffnen macht, wird weltweit auch ganz ohne Worte verstanden: Erfrischung naht! Spar dir also Scoop, Shaker und Pulver, denn wir liefern dir deine proteinreiche Erfrischung direkt vor deine Tür. Einfach öffnen & genießen!

Voll erfrischend.

Klick, Zisch, Prost - Das Geräusch, das eine eisgekühlte Dose beim Öffnen macht, wird weltweit auch ganz ohne Worte verstanden. Erfrischung naht! Spar dir also Pillen, Shaker und Pulver, denn wir liefern dir deine proteinreiche Erfrischung "ready-to-drink" aus dem Kühlschrank. Einfach öffnen & genießen!

Voll JoyBräu.

Wir lieben Bier und wir lieben Sport. Und genau diese Leidenschaft haben wir in Dosen abgefüllt, um sie mit dir teilen zu können. Genieße einzigartiges Sportbier ohne Abstriche im Geschmack. Unsere 5 Sorten bieten für jeden Anlass und Geschmack den passenden Drink: Von süß bis herb, hopfig bis malzig oder fruchtig bis bierig - welches ist dein Liebling?

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  1. Does JoyBräu contain alcohol?
    No! According to German food law, beverages may be called non-alcoholic if they contain no more than 0.5% alcohol. Due to our special brewing process, all our sports beers contain significantly less than 0.5% alcohol. This is comparable to apple juice and, according to German legislation, completely harmless to health. However, we do not achieve "0.0% alcohol" with JoyBräu, as this would require a dealcoholization process that entails bitter losses in taste.
  2. How does JoyBräu taste?
    If you ask us (and now more than 25,000 fans): damn tasty! If you need more details: All our varieties offer you a hoppy refreshing taste experience, paired with natural flavors. Our PROTEIN BEER + LEMON tastes like a lemony fruity beer mix, our PROTEIN BEER LIGHT tastes beer light & tangy and our VITAMIN BEER is hoppy intense. For our terrific taste, by the way, have already been awarded several times at international beer awards!
  3. Does JoyBräu taste sweet, fruity or tart? 
    Both, and! With our three sports beers, we deliberately have the right one for every taste. Our protein beers are naturally malty, with a subtle hoppy note. If you like it sweeter, we recommend our PROTEIN BEER + LEMON with natural lemon flavor and no added sugar.
  4. Where do the proteins come from?
    Only raw materials of the highest quality are used for JoyBräu. In addition to the classic beer ingredients water, barley malt and hops, vegan amino acids - the building blocks of proteins - are used for our non-alcoholic protein beer. They are obtained from the yellow pea, grasses and corn via a natural fermentation process.
  5. Is JoyBräu vegan?
    Yes! JoyBräu is 100% vegan and its increased protein content makes it particularly suitable for vegans and vegetarians looking for protein sources to supplement their diet.
  6. Where can I buy it?
    Bei uns im Onlineshop! Vereinzelt findest du uns jedoch auch in Fitnessstudios und in Supermärkten. Wir arbeiten bereits auf Hochtouren daran, ganz bald auch flächendeckend in Deutschland in den Geschäften zu stehen. Du kennst einen Laden, der JoyBräu unbedingt haben muss? Sprich ihn auf uns an oder schreibe uns eine Mail an
  7. Is JoyBräu gluten-free?
    JoyBräu is brewed according to the German Purity Law, apart from our functional ingredients. This means that barley malt is used as one of the core flavor carriers. Barley naturally contains gluten - so a small amount of gluten in JoyBräu is unavoidable.


High protein beer for muscle growth

Beer for muscle building is not a bad joke, but the innovation to give your sports nutrition a little more pizzazz. No shakes, no powder, no mixing - just open the can and enjoy. Our protein beers are the perfect alternative to your protein shake and contain almost as much protein, but they are much more refreshing after your sports session. No protein water, protein juice or clear whey - with us you get vegan proteins paired with real German beer. Your beer for health - without alcohol. 

Natural Energy drink without sweeteners

How about a natural energy boost before your workout? Our natural energy beer is low in sugar, contains many vitamins, and is made from natural ingredients like guarana. A functional sports beer, optimal to increase your concentration and focus level on getting the best out of yourself. And the best part? Besides caffeine and vitamins, it contains as well BCAAS, which prepares you even better for your workout or in-between. Just try it and get an extra energy kick!

Vitamin Beer strengthens the immune systems

A sports beer with vitamins? Is beer even good for your health? Yes, our functional beers are healthy! This is because JoyBräu’s functional beers are non-alcoholic sports beers containing a high level of vitamins in order to extra boost your health during workouts. As a naturally brewed beverage, beer in general is a super base for healthy drinks and tastes simply sensational. JoyBräu vitamin beer is the world's first non-alcoholic beer rich in vitamin C, B9, and B12, laying the base for a healthy lifestyle while boosting your immune system. 

Without sweeteners and added sugar

Did you already know that all our products are made without sweeteners or added sugar? That makes JoyBräu's functional beers even healthier! Our vegan protein drinks are designed to support your healthy lifestyle, and the best way to do that is without added sugar! Instead, we've added BCAAS and vitamins to create a beer with benefits. JoyBräu’s sports beers are, therefore, high in protein and the optimal drink for a healthy lifestyle.